extremely bad - Dictionar Englez de Sinonime

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extremely bad (adjective)
painful: physically or mentally agonizing
Sinonime: amateurish, bare, crude, cut short, dabbling, defective, deficient, dilettante, faulty, formless, found wanting, fragmentary, half-baked, half-done, immature, imperfect, in the making, in the rough, incomplete, lacking, natural, not done, plain, raw, rough, roughhewn, shapeless, sketchy, tentative, unaccomplished, unadorned, unassembled, uncompleted, unconcluded, under construction, undeveloped, undone, unexecuted, unfashioned, unfulfilled, unperfected, unpolished, unrefined, wanting
Antonime: completed, finished, polished, refined, whole

Despre "Dictionar Englez de Sinonime"

Dictionarul Englez de Sinonime este un dictionar, in care termeni din limba engleza sunt explicati intr-un mod simplu (nu simplist) si eficient, altaturi de sinonimele si antonimele corespunzatoare.