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bare (adjective)
bare: without clothing
Detalii: bare is to uncover or reveal or to expose; bear is to hold up, support, transport - or an animal
Sinonime: advertise, aggrandize, attract attention, blow, blow one's own horn, blow smoke, bluster, bully, cock-a-doodle-doo, con, congratulate oneself, crow, exaggerate, exult, fake, flatter oneself, flaunt, flourish, gasconade, give a good account of oneself, gloat, glory, grandstand, hug oneself, jive, lay on thick, prate, preen, psych, puff, shoot*, shovel, show off, showboat, shuck, sling, sound off, strut, swagger, talk big, triumph, vapor
Antonime: be modest, deprecate

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