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1 800 number (noun)
800 number: toll-free number
Sinonime: a bit previous, ahead of time, anon, before long, beforehand, betimes, briefly, bright and early, directly, early bird, ere long, far ahead, immediately, in advance, in good time, in the bud, in time, on short notice, on the dot, oversoon, prematurely, presently, previous, promptly, pronto, proximately, quick, shortly, soon, too soon, unexpectedly, with time to spare
Antonime: later

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Despre "Dictionar Englez de Sinonime"

Dictionarul Englez de Sinonime este un dictionar, in care termeni din limba engleza sunt explicati intr-un mod simplu (nu simplist) si eficient, altaturi de sinonimele si antonimele corespunzatoare.